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Low-Cost Braces Sterling Heights MI

Dr. David Powell

Hi, I wanted to talk a little about braces. My name is Dr. David Powell. I have been providing braces to families in the Metro Detroit area for over 20 years. I serve all areas including braces in Sterling Heights, Warren, Madison Heights, Royal Oak, Utica, to name a few.

I have found providing low-cost braces to be so rewarding. I have had many Moms walk through my door. With a quote for braces for their son or daughter, that is just too much. I take a look at their child, and provide a price. Many of the Moms start to cry. They can afford braces for their child!

The even better part, is when I take the braces off. The treatment is complete. Mom again cries.

The gorgeous smile.......................

My work is very rewarding.

Have a Blessed Day,

Dr. David Powell

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