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How Does this Work?

Dr. Powell keeps his fees low and offer payment plans, as he enjoys helping people with braces. The quality of treatment is excellent.

Dr. Powell offers a variety of appointment times. The staff is friendly and the office is beautiful. Dr. Powell proudly serves Metro Detroit with low-cost braces, including Invisalign braces for adults and children. Affordable braces Sterling Heights, Madison Heights, Warren & many more.


Call or text our office (586) 979-0300. Ask for a FREE CONSULTATION for braces with Dr. Powell. There is NO PRESSURE. You will simply get information from Dr. Powell including a cost estimate. He will look at your teeth, and give you a general idea of treatment. If you decide to proceed, we make it easy for you! A beautiful smile should be a wonderful experience!




Braces range in price depending on treatment required. Schedule your free consultation with Dr. Powell. He can take a look at your teeth, and give you an idea of treatment cost. On average, our patients SAVE thousands on their treatment. Patients come from all of Metro Detroit for affordable braces!

Dr. Powell Braces
How much do braces cost?
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